My name is Andrew Jevin, but most of you likely know me as @thesnappingrealtor!


    I have been in real estate for 5+ years now, and can confidently attribute my sky-rocket to success thanks to INSTAGRAM.


    I full heartedly believe, to stay at the top of your field, you never can stop learning, and improving, and I am honored to be able to help you do that.


    That is why I created DAA!


    -Online Course

    -Intensive Bootcamp

    -Coaching Program

    • Instagram Lead Generation

    • Instagram + Social Updates

    • Branding

    • Content Creation

    • Marketing Strategy

    • Photography + Videography

    • Scripting

    • Accountability

    • Tech Support

    • Community — agent referrals + support

    • ...and more

    Courses & Coaching


    Online Course

    • "DIY" as I call it— This is the full course presented in a "Do It Yourself" at your own pace format.


    LIVE Guided Online Course w/ Me

    • This is an exclusive 3-week intensive format. I only offer it once a quarter, as it includes daily lesson drops, daily live office hours, and exclusive workshops. 


    1:1 Coaching + Mastermind Sessions

    • One-on-one weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching sessions for continued education, strategizing, accountability, and motivation.


      Currently only available to students (past or present).


    Listen, I am just like you: a Realtor who needed to join the digital age, and double down on digital lead generation. If I have learned anything from the last year, it's that the world is only going to continue to move more towards a virtual and digital landscape. And we as Realtors need to catch up! What I will continue to do in these sessions, is coach you through the strategies I outlined in Xcelerate, and that I use daily to continue to transform my business.


    I can say without an ounce of doubt, that these methods are what took my career from making $40k a year to OVER SIX FIGURES in a matter of months, and I can't wait to continue to help you do the very same! 

    Excited for our first session!


    Andrew Jevin, DRE #01951046

    Creator + CEO of The Digital Agent's Academy









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