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By doubling down on Instagram, I increased my real estate leads & sales by more than 4x within one year, and now just a few years later run a consistent seven figures in sales year after year. The only reason I say this though, is because I KNOW you can do it too! And I want to give you this huge part of optimizing my content strategy to get you hitting that gas pedal.



I can't wait to see you on the gram!


My Xcelerate: CONTENT CALENDARS are a huge part of my Instagram strategy, which is why I want to give it to you now, even though it is normally reserved exclusively for my Xcelerate Online Course students.


Your download below will come with not just one calendar, but THREE calendars: a monthly, weekly, and daily. They are built as customizable templates so you can cater them to each month, week, and day. I have students who successfully populate them digitally, while honestly, I like to print them out old-school-style. 


You will also receive the National Days Calendar for each month to your email's inbox ahead of each month. They will also be uploaded to our exclusive Xcelerate Facebook Group, which just for downloading these PDF's I am excited to welcome you into. There you will be able to mastermind with myself, and every student in any of my courses, as well as attend exclusive webinars, join monthly sweepstakes, our Book Club, and more...


MONTHLY Content Calendar [PDF]  


WEEKLY Content Calendar [PDF]  


DAILY Content Calendar [PDF]  


National Days Calendar [PDF]  — updated with the newest edition for every upcoming month.


Exclusive Facebook Group— for daily conversation between myself and all of your fellow students, referral network, content trains, monthly sweepstakes, and more.


Dedicated Webinars for Xcelerate Students only— live webinars with Andrew, staying on top of IG updates, + guest speakers & spotlights.

I went from making $40K a year to over

$240K by doubling down on Instagram.

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About Me

Andrew Jevin


The number one thing you should know about me is my constant desire to be ahead of the curve. I like to be the pioneer; the entrepreneur; better yet, the innovator. That’s actually how “The Snapping Realtor” truly first came about. In today’s ever changing world, social media has become paramount to just about every industry. Furthermore, business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok are no longer inventive, but rather staple necessities. I saw new territory, and quickly made it my goldmine.

I'm not here to simply flaunt my social media influence— I am an active realtor just like you, who got on Instagram, & quickly discovered it to be the key to my success. 



~Matt Goulart— Digital Marketing Agency Founder

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Content Calendar Edition


*just one dollar for each day of the week

  • Monthly Content Calendar

  • Weekly Content Calendar

  • Daily Content Calendar

  • National Days Calendars— consistently updated per upcoming month

  • Exclusive Facebook Community & Referral Network

  • Student Dedicated Live Webinars

  • and more...

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"Listen, I'm not easily convinced- but Andrew is the real deal! Andrew is patient and clear as he takes you through each slide and tip step by step. Whether you are setting up your IG for the first time, or you have been using IG for your business for years, he coaches to all! I can honestly say I have never had more success, AND also more fun doing my job than now! I even now officially have an Instagram video series, with new episodes every week! I get nothing but amazing feedback, and increased engagement + followers with every episode release."

Taya DiCarlo

Manhattan Beach, CA

"No question, Andrew’s Instagram strategy is a sure key to success. We started at about 250 followers, but quickly grew not just followers, but then also leads, with the help of all of Andrew's tools & strategies. We are proof that it doesn't matter how many followers you currently have— when you are putting content out, people are absolutely listening."

Jason Rowland

Chicago, IL

"Taking Andrew’s course was absolutely the best decision I could have made for my real estate business!  The strategies are presented in a way that is extremely easy to understand for the novice IG user while providing valuable content for the experienced. He has given me the skills to streamline my time spent posting, putting me at the top of the list of agents on social media here in Pittsburgh.  Andrew is a fantastic coach and his program keeps us at the top of our game by providing continual support and education that are both innovative and relevant!"

Christina Trevenen

Pittsburgh, PA

Do you offer any refunds if I'm not fully satisfied?

The short answer: No. Not for this one.

The longer answer: While this PDF is non-refundable because it is a digital download, the FULL Xcelerate DIY or Bootcamp are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, if you choose to upgrade and enroll in those.

I strongly believe that you will find value in this PDF and stand by my courses 100%. But if you join Xcelerate DIY or Xcelerate Bootcamp, go through all of the chapters, complete each worksheet assignment*, and are not fully satisfied, you may request a full refund within 21 days of purchase.

Are there any additional perks for downloading this?

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